Logo Design Services

With attention to creativity & originality, we design top-quality logos that spell your brand.

A logo is your brand identity. A Logo is a design symbolizing your organization. It is your brand identity and used as an emblem by which the organization can easily be recognized, also called logotype. A logotype is a graphic representation or symbol of a corporate name, trademark, abbreviation which is generally designed specifically for quick recognition.

  • 2D Logo Design

    Logos are the most seen and recalled visuals. Spree Marketing helps you make the  first positive impression on your target group by crafting 2D logo designs parallel to your brand’s values and culture.

  • 3D Logo Design

    A 3D logo has the potential to provide a realistic touch to the image of the brand.  The general impression if that logos are supposed to be 2 Dimensional. However, the inception of digital media has changed that. Brands use eye-catching 3D designs and give a unique identity to their company.

  • Animated Logo Design

    A Creative Animated Logo is one of the leading trends of 2020. The key reason behind getting 3D logo animation online is to grasp the attention of people in a highly competitive scenario.  Ever since technology has become so vivid,  logo design has also evolved to create moving animation that immediately captures the attention of viewers.

  • Mascot Design

    Increasing number of companies are now getting meaningful mascots created that help narrate their brand story without using text. A custom mascot design will speak about the business you are in, the market you serve and everything that you stand for and offer.