Digital marketing now includes more responsibilities and abilities than ever before, and it is because of this flexibility and versatility that it is so fascinating and engaging.

Spree Marketing recruits, trains and deploys the highest quality of professionals in specific areas of work. We are committed to the provision of equal opportunities for all employees in business operations.

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The Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for the overall marketing development, including developing strategies to increase traffic, executing digital marketing campaigns, improving and upgrading the website on a regular basis.

As a web developer/designer, you’ll be in charge of creating appealing and user-friendly websites. Prior knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress is required.

As a social media executive/manager you are required to stay abreast of latest social media trends and plan strategies accordingly, co-ordinate with the content team and client servicing team on regular basis, creating quality content.

As an SEO executive, you’re in charge of increasing organi website traffic and enhancing search engine ranks. You must ensure that the website’s content is search engine friendly, conduct keyword research, and have expertise with SEO tools.

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