Chatbot Development

An AI powered computer program that maintains an automated conversation with a customer.

We create highly responsive chatbots tailored to your specific company needs. The chatbots are trained with conversational ability, context awareness, and personality features.

  • 24*7 support – You can rely on chatbots for 24×7 support. Even beyond business hours, a quick response is important, and chatbots are used to handle consumer queries with automated responses.
  • Instant answers – Customers simply do not like to wait — Chatbots are a smart way to ensure customers receive the instant response they demand.
  • Orders & bookings – Statistics show 47% of consumers tend to buy items when recommended by a chatbot. This implies that businesses should take advantage of  chatbots to facilitate sales of ecommerce products, bookings of orders and fix appointments.
ChatBot development
  • eCommerce Chatbots

    Chatbots are popularly used in eCommerce websites. The bot can list menus, categories, products, add products to cart, answer live questions, make product suggestions, process orders & send shipping updates.

  • Legal Assistance Chatbots

    Legal Chatbots offer legal assistance, including categorization of the question, drilling down to a specific requirement and provide basic legal advice and price quotes.

  • Reservation Booking Chatbots

    Used in the Hotel and Airline industries. Booking Chatbots can select destinations, dates, and appropriate airlines with pricing. Can also be used for hotel recommendations based on the customer’s preference for location, luxury etc.

  • Customer Support Chatbots

    Widely used in a number of businesses, customer support chatbots replace live chat agents. They can reply to FAQs or provide  category-wise answers. A chatbot could be used to provide accurate solutions, and also to escalate customer requests when so required.