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Why create a LinkedIn profile?

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LinkedIn Profile

Imagine the freedom of presenting yourself and having a professional presence the exact way you want to showcase. If you were to create a mind map of where you’d like to start, you’ll probably gather your skills, expertise, experience, qualifications etc. Putting it down on text would give you a resume that can serve as a quintessential description of your aura. But you are much more than the mundane pen-paper description, as the entire world will search for the unique in you. How then do you build a presence and showcase it efficiently? If you are a pen-paper nerd aloof from social media, take this as a sign to create your personal brand, showcase yourself by setting up a LinkedIn profile and engage in the whirling world of LinkedIn.

Snapchat and Instagram are all relatively new to the social media world, but LinkedIn has been around for over ten years. It features more than 740 million professional LinkedIn profiles, so job opportunities and contacts are virtually limitless. Nowadays, LinkedIn is more than just a job-hunting tool; it’s also an essential part of maintaining your professional brand.

Think of LinkedIn as a potent tool at your disposal that allows you to alter and upgrade your profile where you can engage, enhance and network with like-minded people, posts, educational and career profiles. Almost every company that exists has a strong LinkedIn account.

The striking benefits of a LinkedIn Profile

  • As a job seeker, you have access to its robust job board and can even apply for jobs via the networking platform. Jobs are searchable by keyword and location. It’s easy to set up job alerts based on your career interests even if you’re not actively searching for a new job. You will receive emails periodically with job announcements.
  • Recruiters and potential employers will be able to hear that you’re open to hearing about new job possibilities when you turn the “I’m interested” button on. The open invitation will be hidden from your current employer on LinkedIn (so LinkedIn is on your side).
  • LinkedIn premium membership gives you access to more job opening information. Gain instant access to salary insights, send direct messages to recruiters, and see how you compare to other applicants.
  • If you are mulling over the idea of building a no-cost personal brand LinkedIn is your best bet. A LinkedIn profile is the easiest way to get your name out there. Put your best foot forward by posting a professional profile picture and writing a compelling summary highlighting your strengths and showcasing your personality. A recruiter, employer, co-worker, or manager should be able to gauge your personality from your profile and see what skills you bring to the table.
  • Linkedin is a well-known, powerful network, and Google is aware of it – so now is the time to get ranked high on Google. As compared to your own website or online portfolio, ranking on Google is usually easier for your LinkedIn page. LinkedIn account profiles are the first thing a prospective employer lays eyes on, so I have made a strong case for you to sign up or upgrade your profile in a way that grabs attention.
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