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5 Ways to improve SEO

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It’s not easy being Google. In order to provide you with the most relevant results in a fraction of a second there’s tons of research and filtering needed. Google must check which pages out there have the content you are looking for, the one that’s apt, crisp and relevant. The solution to this problem involves ranking factors. A ranking factor is the information that Google uses to determine your site’s quality and rank. Google uses over 200 factors to determine what content they rank highly. One of the hottest trends that matter is User Experience, which combines elements like research, strategy, web design, interaction design that makes a reader hooked on to your blog, site etc.

Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Keep on creating:

    On of the top ranking factor in Google’s list is freshness. The more fresh content you generate, the more active you stay for Google to pick you up at the top of the search list (quite literally). To grab Google’s eye, you must write and post twice or thrice a week. If you are wondering how to get fresh ideas amid a writer’s block, well… Ideas are everywhere and what we mean to say is that ideas are in comments, reviews, tags, trends etc. It is important to stay time relevant as well. For example, one wouldn’t want to read about the MET Gala a month later when the buzz has mellowed down.

  2. Choose your audience and Pick a theme:

    Try not throwing off your audience by making a concoction of themes which ultimately confuses them. When you write about unrelated themes your readers can’t keep up. A reader has a specific interest and you must find your own niche for writing to cater to that organic reader. You must determine who you will target, what they will read, and the specific content you will convey. It is better to be a master of one than a mediocre jack of all trades.

  3. Be the CEO of SEO:

    Search Engine Optimization is the buzz in digital marketing, the word is both used and abused. Using keyword strategies is one of the easiest ways to generate more traffic to your website. Decide on one key phrase per blog post that you believe readers will use to locate that post. (Find that Phrase in trends, reviews, buzz, comments etc).  Google understands the topic of that page better when there is an adequate & relevant density of that keyword in it. You should use that phrase in the post title, the header on the page, images, and in links etc. In the content you can include multiple word arrangements, possible word synonyms and other word combinations that can be paired up in possible search. (Make A List)

  4. Guest Blogging:

    In influencer popular words, its called a “collab”. Guest posting is when someone contributes content to another’s website or blog. Writers who guest post act as contributors or guest authors and submit content to publishers on topics of mutual interest. When you have found your niche in a domain,  try finding active and popular fellow bloggers/creators who can work well with your idea. It is important to understand the audience on both the sides and pin point a unique link that people would want to read. What can also work as a strategy and shoot up interaction is polling. You can ask your audience what collab they’d be interested, topic they’d like to read about etc.

  5. Clever Story baiting:

    While trends may be important, in order to get the most of your writing you need to hone your skills. It is important that your audience grows organically. You as a writer need to be true to your content and provide quality. A creative way to do that is to leave your readers asking for more from the first paragraph itself. Keep it crisp in a range of 2000-3000 words, generate curiosity, ask questions, provide useful links for more etc. It may also be useful to provide an interesting summary of the content in the beginning of the blog for readers to know what to expect and engage more.

Let’s clear the air: You as a writer have the freedom to present your work just as you desire. Think of our Improve SEO article like a nudge in your big game to make it bigger.

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