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5 Latest Google Algorithm Updates for 2021

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google algorithm updates

They say change is the only constant, and Google really appreciates that with it’s Google algorithm updates. They are in a continuous process of making changes and updates to improve the general user experience and to lift the nature of the search results.

What are Google Algorithm updates?

A Google algorithm update can be any change made to Google’s search algorithm that is intended to further simplify user experience and deliver a more accurate search result. While we wish we knew when and what exactly will be the update  that is coming, Google often stays mum about this data until the update is good to go. Updates can be minor or major, and can zero in on anything from the nature of the content to your site’s device friendliness.

1. Spam Update – 26 July’21

Google’s most recent algorithm update, Spam Update, worked on refining inbound and outbound links across the web and invalidated links that weren’t credited effectively and/ or came from unverifiable sources. This update however,  didn’t produce a major fluctuation as Google was already monitoring unreliable sources to some extent.

2. Core Update – 1 July 21

Google’s core update started on July 1, 2021 and formally finished on July 12. Similar to most core updates delivered, July’s didn’t explicitly update certain features of search, rather delivered a wide update to refine search results overall. It impacted sites that were positioning for the exact same keywords across various nation specific variants of their websites and saw some drop-off of the copied terms.

See examples of impacted websites

3. Page Experience Update – 25 June 21

Google put forth their decision to start utilizing page experience as a component of their ranking and positioning system with the Page Experience Update, also called Core Web Vitals. This change was said to have played a full part in rankings towards the end of August 2021. The update will take into consideration a combination of page experience indicators.

The Page Experience Update will influence a webpage’s client experience, and better search engine rankings will depend on the core web vital metrics. However, websites didn’t see radical changes given the slow roll out measure.

4. Core Update – 2 June 21

Although Google reported another Broad Core Algorithm update for June 2021, it noticed that a portion of the improvements for this update weren’t exactly completed and hence, they continued the updates well into July. Google likewise announced that it’s conceivable a tiny piece of content may see changes  that will turn around in July.

5. Product Reviews Update – 8 April 21

The Product Reviews Update revolved around furnishing clients with content that gives genuine insights and unique research. This update to Google’s positioning framework favored websites with exhaustive and genuinely insightful item reviews.

Implications for SEO and SERP practices

Google algorithm updates become important for us as they affect our digital venture and push us to make changes in SEO practices to keep up our website metrics.

As we mentioned , Google’s updates can differ. Some probably won’t leave an enduring effect on your site, while others can significantly affect your website traffic.

Google continually refines its algorithm, which implies it updates on a continuous premise. Only one out of every odd update unfavorably influences natural metrics, however certain updates might move the positioning of a site inside a SERP which will actively influence numerous aspects of SEO execution from traffic to keywords etc.

Prior to an update, your site may have been positioned for a specific search inquiry however that can change the moment Google establishes changes in its algorithm. As a rule, algorithms can affect SEO in varied ways, so to keep steady carry out SEO practices to remain on the top of any impending changes.


Google rewards strong SEO best practices – hence to up your SEO game, we need to be in constant touch with the changes google makes.

SEO, today, has become the backbone of Digital Marketing. To reach our target audience, it’s important that we optimize our advertising and marketing techniques in a resourceful manner.

Therefore, keeping up with google algorithm updates becomes so essential, even more so than your content.

Some of the time, Google algorithm updates are too little to even think about. However, every now and then, Google puts out a mammoth change that revamps the manner in which we do SEO for eternity .

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