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5 Important Strategies for Google Search Ads

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Google Search Ads

‘Google search ads’ is a great option to drive traffic to your website and increase your sales and the bottom line of your business. However, it is important to work closely with a reliable digital marketing company that has the expertise and experience running Google search ad campaigns. This is because ads need to be optimized both before starting a campaign and while running a campaign. Moreover, these are paid campaigns and, therefore, unoptimized and ineffective ads can hurt your business. The aim of this post is to discuss 5 important strategies for running successful Google search ad campaigns.

Use appropriate keywords

As Google ads campaigns work on keywords, it is important to appropriate keywords or keyword phrases for obtaining desired results. Further, it is best to avoid using generic keywords. Instead, use specific keywords or targeted keywords to reach across to users who are interested in your products to improve your conversion ratio. Moreover, you have to choose the combination of keyword matching options that provide the best outcomes for you.

Include negative keywords

Negative keywords are used to tell Google as to when your ads should not be displayed. This strategy is very helpful especially when the keywords have similar but unrelated phrases. Further, negative keywords have a key role to play in reaching across to the most relevant users through your Google search ads. For example, the negative keywords that are commonly used for eCommerce sites include “Free,” and “Cheap.” However, it is also important to use keywords related to your brand and that of your competitors.

Optimize your ad copy

It is your ad that entices users to visit your website. As your ad is likely to be surrounded by the ads posted by your competitors, it is important to ensure that your ad copy stands out and attracts users’ attention. A few aspects to be kept in mind in this regard are:

  • Google search ads that are benefit-driven lure users
  • Ad copies that talk about fulfilling users’ goals provide better results
  • Utilize ad extensions such as “Call Us”, “Download App”, “Get Directions”, etc.
  • It pays to feature reviews and ratings of services in ads

Include a persuasive call-to-action

The call-to-action or CTA is by far the key feature of Google search ads. The ad copy pulls the attention of users, but it is the CTA that encourages them to click through and go to the relevant landing page. It also leads users to the next step. However, the CTAs used in ad copies are different from those used within landing pages, pop-ups, forms, etc. They are not clickable buttons. They are phrases that prompt users to take action.

Ensure the landing page experience is consistent with your Google search ads

There should be a great deal of consistency between your ad and the landing page that leads to. This prevents your prospects from bouncing off. If there is a lack of consistency between the two, then the conversion rate will be significantly impacted. Further, your ad ranking will be adversely affected

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