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Advantages of Google Web Stories

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google web stories

Google Web Stories are an online web based sub application provided by Google, to enable users to have a dynamic browsing experience. Visual tools like audio, video content coupled with the usual text information brings more liveliness and dynamism in the user’s consumption of data online.

Google Web Stories

Web Stories provide a host of advantages to users. They are like on the go web articles presenting news, opinions, and allied information to users. Web stories are curated to be presented as per user interest with advanced analytics by Google. This gives a very smooth, hassle free reading and browsing experience to each user. The personalized nature of web stories have made them a big hit among online communities.

10 Important Advantages of Google Web Stories

  1. Visually appealing: Web stories have in built images, videos and other engaging content, which makes them more appealing and consumable for the end users. Consumption of this format is easier than plain textual based articles.
  2. Available across devices: Though designed for a rich mobile experience, Google Web Stories appear equally attractive across other devices, like laptops, tablets or desktops. They are full screen and accessible with a single tap or touch.
  3. Dynamic browsing experience: As compared to reading plain text articles, web stories provide a much more vibrant and dynamic browsing experience to users with the audio visual aids accompanied by generic text information.
  4. Optimum audience engagement: Web Stories ensure an optimal engagement by users of data. With the attractive presentation of data, a higher click and view rate is a natural consequence.
  5. Digital marketing tool: Web stories are an effective digital marketing tool owing to their visual appeal and fast loading features. Corporations can use them to enhance audience engagement with their brands and products.
  6. Easier to consume: Google Web stories appear in a snippet form, and provide an at-a-glance experience to users. Snippets are easier to consume for today’s busy generation. Millenials form a key component of the target audience for Web Stories, and thus snippet form of audience engagement is essential.
  7. Effective audience engagement: User engagement is high as web stories are visually appealing, easily accessible and comprehensible. Articles have a higher click rate when Google presents them in the form of web stories.
  8. Easier creation: Content creators find it easier to create web stories, as they have lesser text and more images and/ or video links to increase readability. The days of toiling over long drawn textual articles are fading out slowly.
  9. Sharable content: Web stories are also easily shareable across different media platforms. After each web story a user reads or glances through, he can view various options of sharing the same to friends, colleagues and family. This also helps in increasing audience reach and impact.
  10. Monetizable: Finding commercial value is key to any business. Likewise Google makes money by publishing web stories through the ad revenue and affiliate marketing mediums. Thus Google web stories also have the benefit of being monetizable. The more the audience engagement achieved by a story, the more its value in terms of placement of ads for clients.
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