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How can Twitter be used for brand promotion?

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Twitter promotions

Among social media networks, Twitter is referred to as the micro-blogging site because it allows users to send short messages to their followers. A tweet may be made more attractive by adding a photo or a link with the specified character limit per tweet. There are more than 330 million users around the world and 62 percent of them fall in the age group of 18 to 49. As such, Twitter is one of the best destinations for businesses wanting to promote their brand. Having said that here is how you can use the social platform for brand promotions:

#1: Creating a compelling bio

People who come to your page will first look at your bio. So, it is important to ensure that you have included a clear and concise account of what you do. In addition to using frequently searched keywords in your bio, you must provide a link to your website or that of your business. The landing page should include an email opt-in offer so that you can easily build your email list.

#2: Using hashtags on each tweet

Hashtags allow users to easily and quickly find the content that they are looking for. A custom hashtag helps users identify your brand and follow you. Unique hashtags are not required for building an audience, but it is important to include your brand in larger conversations using hashtags that are related to your industry. You can use 3rd party tools like Tagsfinder to find appropriate hashtags.

#3: Incorporating pictures and videos

Tweets with photos are viewed more than those that contain plain text. As a photo is counted as 24 characters, you must make sure to include only those that are relevant. Images can be used for promoting your brand, product, company culture, or any other thing. As Twitter allows you to upload videos of 30 seconds duration, you can take the benefit of using pictures one-step ahead.

#4: Promoting your tweets

You can target specific demographics through customized messaging in your tweets. Optimization allows your content to be shown at the top in searches. As in the case of any social media network, you can promote events, products, and businesses on Twitter. Including a hashtag in your promotion increases the chances of people finding it.

#5: Searching for customers

Actually, you are not required to wait indefinitely for customers to find you. You can reach across to your target audience or those who have not heard about your business at all. If your brand either makes life easier or solves a problem, you could possibly be addressing a customer need. You can use the robust search tool of Twitter to find out whether people are already discussing topics that are related to your business/industry. People use social networks to discuss problems and it gives you a chance to solve their problem.

Twitter is one of the best resources for businesses to promote their brand, introduce new products and/or services, or launch new promotions. You just have to follow the five steps listed above to get started on building your brand a loyal following on Twitter. However, it is important that you work closely with a reliable social media marketing agency.

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