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How to build a brand in the 21st century

The newest in the race to win brand marketing is Influencer Marketing. But with the presence of probably millions of influencers working on ideas and brands on the whole wide spectrum one may wonder how to go about picking the right influencer for your brand. Social media can be used by influencers to express creativity and establish how distinct that expression is from other similar content.
As a business you need to understand whose unique creative expression vibes with your brand.

What is Social Media Influencer Marketing?

A common phrase used in the business world brought by the advent of the world of social media, influencer marketing is nothing but utilizing the power and influence of a famous personality to gain more clients, customers or consumers. Unlike traditional celebrity endorsement marketing the Influencer marketing is endorsement marketing by a social media personality and is generally market specific. Social media influencers are usually existing content creators or bloggers who already have a wide follower base in their particular markets. Businesses, whether start-ups or global brands, are now coming up with collaborations with social media influencers to reach their industry specific audience to establish a direct and a more personal connection.

How did it come into being?

Social media influencer marketing has given the more common traditional forms of marketing a run for their money and that too in a very short period of time. Influencer marketing in itself is not a novel idea. Celebrities and public figures have been brand ambassadors for various businesses and ideas, sometimes carrying the brand’s legacy for years.

However, the arrival of the internet was a game changer. It boosted global connectivity and the access and affordability of internet made social networking the king of the online world. The emergence of social media soon introduced the idea of “followers” and you could follow anyone online, even the non-famous “average” persons. Some of these individuals who were not celebrities gained huge popularity over night as trends came and went. They were artists, beauty bloggers, travelers, YouTubers, gym trainers etc. Millennials find these video or content creators more relatable than high end celebrities. It took only so long for the marketing geniuses around the world to take the next big step.

Reason for popularity

Marketing geniuses out there can safely say that the trend of social media influencer marketing will not be experiencing a depression any time soon and is here to stay. There are plenty of reasons why influencer marketing gained popularity and has not seen a slump.

  • Integrity– Each influencer attaches an element of integrity when associated with your brands. Since social media influencers largely depend on their follower base they are less likely to be woefully dishonest and inflate their posts. And since this integrity is gained gradually brands don’t have to work on that sphere of marketing. Influencer marketing converts credibility into currency.
  • Believable & Achievable – For the longest time celebrities were the sole advertisers of brands and though they raised the overall charm of the product they also set unrealistically high standards for users. Social media posts by influencers are more believable and seem more relatable to their follower base than celebrities marketing the same product. Influencers are able to rub a little personal touch to the product since they themselves use and review the products for their followers.
  • Inexpensive– Social media influencers are always looking for content for their followers and potential followers. They actively show interest when approached by businesses and since influencer marketing is more like a collaboration rather than an endorsement it is much more efficient and inexpensive compared to other form of similar hard-hitting direct marketing.
  • Bonus content– Marketers usually have to rack their brains and spend ample resources and time to come up with additional content and ideas to support their brand. They need enough to kick start a brand marketing campaign. Social media influencers lighten this load because you are outsourcing the job to them. It is their creativity that will show up on their social media while marketing the brand. The presence of bonus content on the influencer’s page saves your time and resources.

How does Influencer Marketing work?

It is essential for businesses to be on the lookout for influencers who work in their industry – whether it is beauty or fitness or travel & food and this cannot be done at random.

Identify influencers who specifically use your products or get in touch with users who already display a tinge of loyalty for your product or business.  Communicating with potential interested influencers working in your market. is a lot easier than selling to thousands! One of the common yet best ways to do that is by sending free hampers or samples to these influencers to establish certain faith and confidence in the brand.

Followers would more likely be attracted to your brand if your influencer  exudes and inspires confidence by engaging his follower base. Holding contests, takeaway campaigns are also an excellent strategy.

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