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Instagram: 5 ways to grow followers organically

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Instagram has over a billion monthly active users as of date. Millions of businesses have also joined Instagram because it is well known that social media reach has a direct impact on influencing customers. A natural requirement for this purpose is increasing Instagram followers.

How does one get more Instagram followers?

Instagram became a rage the very moment it was released and its popularity is still growing exponentially. While managing your Instagram account is pretty much in your own hands, it is gathering a huge following  that is the tricky part. But for a lot of professionals and entrepreneurs, gaining followers becomes an important aspect of the application. Yet the question remains-

1. Inspired Ideas

The amount of research that goes behind artistic ideas should never be undermined. You need to know what works and where you can be unique yourself. Instagram followers are looking for inspiring ideas but you need that mind-set to develop your own post idea fundamentally.

2. Conform

Strike a perfect balance between conforming to ideas, the social drift and keeping your distinct identity alive.

3. Be Authentic

While you’re establishing  your social media presence you cannot be spurious. Real followers are looking for real brands, inventiveness and creative expression and you cannot do that by posing to be something you are not. Get yourself a niche and vibe with people who belong to that niche.

4. Giveaways

A very recent and infallible way of increasing Instagram followers is through giveaways. Businesses can also keep an interactive follower base by creating quizzes followed by awards and gifts.

5. Get in touch

Instagram stars follow and keep in touch with other similar trend setters and in most cases with their followers as well. Be vigilant about what reviews, comments and suggestions you get from your already existing followers and own up to it. When you know what it is that your instagram followers are looking for, you’ll be able to not just keep the existing ones but also gain popularity in  the most surprising places.

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